Joolaee Trio


Misagh Joolaee, Schaghajegh Nosrati and Sebastian Flaig are top musicians who, in addition to their work in established genres and line-ups, are always on the lookout for the unheard-of. The combination of a traditional Iranian instrument - the kamancheh, also known as the spiked violin - piano and percussion represents the idea of international understanding.

In their music, the "Persian Miniature" - Azerbaijani, Turkish and Armenian folk songs - borders, tensions and conflicts dissolve into dance and longing and point to a better future.

  • 9 April 2024, 8:00 pm

Concerts an the Klosterhof:

Whenever the full moon stands high above the mountains in all its splendour, we open our doors for live concerts. Musical surprises in the wellness hotel with live music - that's what awaits our guests at the Klosterhof.

Admission for hotel guests: free of charge

Admission for external visitors: EUR 19 incl. aperitif

Please make a reservation by telephone on +49 8651 98250

Schaghajegh Nosrati: piano

Misagh Joolaee: kamancheh

Sebastian Flaig: percussion

Photo: Michael Reinicke