Artemacur massages

Time to enhance your wellbeing.

Choose the duration of your manual therapy in advance, and then, together with our highly qualified manual therapists and masseurs, decide which massage best meets your current needs.

Artemacur massages

Light pressure, firm grips, gentle kneading: First and foremost, the classical massage treats painful tensions and cramped muscles. The classical massage uses a range of manual techniques, each of which has a different effect on your skin, muscles and whole body. Our professional therapists really work wonders!

Individual massage:

Back, neck, shoulders

25 min | € 39,00

Full body massage

50 min | € 74,00
80 min | € 99,00

Togetherness (couple massage):

50 min | € 152,00 
80 min | € 202,00

Fooot reflexology massage

Pleasant effect of alternating gentle and strong pressure on the reflex zones of your foot for activation and regeneration.

50 min | € 79,00

Aromatic oil massage

Balance | gives peace and serenity
The relaxing properties of angelica, lavender, mandarin and grapefruit join the soothing effects of exotic fragrances such as incense, patchouli and ylang-ylang to give you peace and serenity. Enjoy the warming effect of Johanniskraut oil. Mental and muscular tensions are as if blown away by the wind.

Antistress | simply switch off!
Gently wrapped in the pleasant scent of conifers, citrus fruits and vanilla, this anti-stress massage lets your mind and body relax intensively and forget your worries. Organic ringel flower oil offers special protection for sensitive skin. Arolla pine and spruce calm body and mind.

50 min | € 86,00
80 min | € 110,00

Body brushing

Only in conjunction with an application.

10 min | € 18,00

A respectful contact with our guest is important to us. Therefore, choose in advance the duration of your application and then, together with our highly qualified therapists and masseurs, choose which massage corresponds to your current needs.

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