Let Us Inspire You at the Klosterhof

A spa and wellness hotel full of personality, culture and spirit

This is a place of peace and power that plunges our guests into a world full of excitement and passion. “Passion and excitement come alive” is the motto of the Klosterhof. And we, your hosts Henrike and Dr Andreas Färber, do our all to make this true for all guests. “Passion and excitement come alive” reflects the variety and comfort you will find at our four-star superior hotel and combines culture, spa, health and joie de vivre. But the hotel truly comes alive thanks to our team – they, like no other, give the hotel its soul. We at the Klosterhof are proud to make wonderful connections each and every day: connections to nature, to people and to ourselves.

Surround yourself with passion and excitement at the Artemacur Spa

Peace and relaxation meet insight and perspective. At the Klosterhof in Bayerisch Gmain, Germany, your holiday will be characterised by luxury and truly special experiences.

We practise the Artemacur philosophy in all areas of the Klosterhof. It is the namesake of our spa – and its soul. Artemacur represents the art of taking care of yourself and paying attention to your own inner needs.

While guests pay attention to their own well-being, they also focus on the beauty of the Bavarian landscape. Bright glass facades and floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outdoors in, treating you to views of the mountains, meadows and forests that surround our lovely spa hotel.

Inside, you will find peace and a quiet refuge: in our pools and saunas, through cosmetic and spa treatments, or in our one-of-a-kind Alpine Soledom, a soothing alpine brine pool where you can enjoy the sensation of floating. 

Get lost in thought in the Artemacur Spa, sweat your stress away in our saunas and enjoy professional treatments with history and rituals – with our hammam ceremony, for example. Here you will feel just how passionate and exciting life can truly be! 

Health prevention and consultation in the Artemacur Health Centre

In the original building of the Klosterhof is where you will find Dr Andreas Färber's Artemacur Health Centre, which hotel guests are welcome to visit. Services range from diagnostics and therapy to nutritional advice and guidance on how to integrate healthy practices into your everyday life. But what kind of tips can you expect from the doctor?

We do not directly treat a diagnosis, but rather offer support from a different, often unconventional perspective. I advise you not to think in terms of deficits, but to appreciate yourself and your own story. This makes it easier to focus on the positives in life.

Frequent health lectures at the Klosterhof round out our holistic approach. Lectures address topics such as fasting, mindfulness and enjoyment. And what’s so special about that? Being mindful often leads to true enjoyment in life!

The Klosterhof’s unique spirit is sustainable

It is with great sensitivity and joy that we excite our guests!

As interior designer of the hotel, Andreas focused on wood that builds a visible connection between the Klosterhof and nature. Construction was of course carried out with sustainability in mind. Our Alpine Hideaway features apple wood on the inside, while larch wood shingles are a nod to nature on the outside.

Did you know … ?

The apple is symbolic of life and seduction. That’s probably why excitement and passion live on forever here...

Enjoy life at the Klosterhof in style

Art and culture are ever-present. When the moon is full, the Klosterhof resonates with the sound of special melodies from hand-picked musicians and bands; works of art on the walls inspire with new ideas; and each room features a sculpture in the form of a very special artistic style. Just outside our bright glass walls and windows, Mother Nature’s masterpiece fills the Klosterhof with tranquillity and grace.

The Klosterhof takes its name from its original purpose as a monastery (“kloster” means monastery in German) where the monks created a sublime paradise. The monks appreciated and cherished their secrets for a healthy life.

The monks loved nature and took health very seriously. We wish to continue this work with our Artemacur Spa & Health Centre!

We warmly welcome you

We are ready to give our guests our full attention – every member of our team brings their own personality and individuality to our hotel. We are all devoted to making your stay the most wonderful holiday possible and to helping you create special memories that will remain with you long after you return home...

How the Klosterhof became a place of power

Our connection to this unique place began in 2010. We were on the search for a hotel project where we could live out our life-long dream. Together, we created this place where people can relax and recharge, be inspired and do the best for their health and themselves. We always approach work with positivity and a hands-on mentality. Together, we have created a coherent, harmonious place – for you as guests, for our staff and for ourselves. That is what makes the Klosterhof so powerful. And what will move us into the future!

We look forward to sharing our excitement and passion for the Klosterhof with you!

Your hosts,
Andreas & Henrike Färber 
and the entire Klosterhof team

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