Weightless in the Alpine Soledom

Spa hotel with floating pool: experience a whole new world

This one-of-a-kind spa oasis is a retreat for the soul, solace for the senses, and a real blessing. Every second spent in our Alpine Soledom floating pool is a moment of peace. The salty water gently envelops your skin. Full of harmony, this place gives visitors what is often missing from their everyday lives: time for themselves. Immerse yourself in the natural power of Bad Reichenhall alpine brine and experience the feeling of weightlessness on your spa holiday in the Alps! Book the Alpine Soledom for yourself or for two – look forward to this unique experience!

What makes our Alpine Soledom unique

  • Special feeling on your skin
  • Deep relaxation thanks to the feeling of weightlessness
  • Positive effect on skin conditions such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis and allergies
  • Opens pores, has a healing effect on the body
  • Soothes allergies & regenerates airways
  • Spacious, with tranquil light effects
  • Assistance from a therapist (upon request)
  • Take time for two or alone
  • Always fresh, purified water

Deep relaxation: floating in Bavaria

The feeling of weightlessness is achieved thanks to the 15% Bad Reichenhall alpine brine in the pool’s 35°C water. Without gravity, the body becomes light and can truly relax as you float. “We have created a retreat for you at the Klosterhof where you can relax as you float,” explains Moni, who takes care of guests at our Artemacur Spa. You’ll find the Alpine Soledom to be quiet, comfortable and warm – within minutes, everything will feel in sync. Where does the body end, where does the body begin? The boundaries fade, time stands still.

Therapeutic floating: simply let go!

Guided therapy in the saltwater floating pool: upon request, you can be accompanied by an experienced therapist – a special kind of non-verbal communication full of trust and mindfulness, closeness yet distance. This is the time to let go and enjoy. The heaviness of the body transforms into lightness; pain and limitations disperse for a while.

Romantic getaway at our hotel and spa with floating pool

Your own private spa – a highlight of your spa holiday! The Alpine Soledom offers a unique retreat for couples. Leave the outside world behind as you close the door. Finally you have time for each other – float hand in hand in the warm water and feel the lightness of simply being. For many, this is an experience on which they look back fondly for weeks. You can book our Alpine Soledom for one hour as a private spa at reception or at the Artemacur Spa.

Prices for floating in our Alpine Soledom

Floating in Bavaria! Feel the passion in the Klosterhof’s saltwater floating pool: simply let go and feel how incredible weightlessness can be …

  • One person 50 min. | € 69.00 (each additional person € 15.00)
  • Guided therapy in the Alpine Soledom for one person 50 min. | € 109.00

Special alpine brine from Bad Reichenhall

This is a truly special treasure in our area: the alpine brine mineral spring around the Bad Reichenhall Bavarian State Baths. For more than 250 million years, the salt of the prehistoric ocean was hidden in the depths of the mountains. Dissolved by spring water, it has collected in the cavity of the Bad Reichenhall basin as a unique alpine brine – with wonderful benefits for people. With a salt content of 12%, it has a beneficial and cleansing effect. Studies show the positive effects of this salty brine on the respiratory tract, body, mind and soul. At the Klosterhof hotel and spa, this “white gold” can be found in our healing saltwater floating pool.

Benefits of Bad Reichenhall brine

  • Rich in minerals and trace elements 
  • Soothes breathing passages
  • Healthy for the musculoskeletal system
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Good for the skin

Spoil yourself!

Your thoughts will wander – new ideas for your well-being will spring to mind. Lie on the soft lounger and just live in the moment.

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Floating in highly concentrated alpine brine, the body no longer feels any limits. You feel weightless, free from any contact with the outside.

Gerlinde Plaichner, pain management & massage therapist