Selected items from the hotel library in the cloister courtyard

Stories and narratives provide entertainment

Whether written or spoken: words become stories and stories connect people. The monastery courtyard is a historical place that has a lot to offer and tell. Inspiration is the order of the day here. Because the walls of the monastery courtyard cannot speak, host Dr Andreas Färber likes to speak and fills evenings with interesting medical, entertaining or, during the Festival season, musical topics. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy your wellness hotel with library!

The hotel library

A place of art, tranquillity and togetherness

In the “LiterArt” library, enthusiasm thrives in the form of literature, stories, verbal and non-verbal communication. It is the perfect place for literary and musical inspiration as well as a place of well-being. Dr Andreas Färber holds entertaining lectures on Wednesday evenings, including on health topics. Readings and introductions to musical works take place here, such as on the occasion of the Salzburg Festival at the in-house festival salon. The library is the centre of the house, a salon for encounters, exchanges and tranquillity. Books of all genres make you want to read and also reflect the thirst for knowledge of the host.


Through its presentation and perspectives, man-made art is at one with Mother Nature’s masterpiece: the mountains never look the same way twice, they change with the seasons, with the time of day.


Perhaps you, too, will find new excitement and inspiration that will accompany you throughout your stay at the Klosterhof Alpine Hideaway & Spa...

Events in the monastery courtyard

Guests come from near and far to events in the monastery courtyard. The place is particularly popular at the time of the Salzburg Festival, making people want to experience literature and enjoy art.

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Among our guests there are also many people looking for peace and relaxation who want to be inspired.

Dr Andreas Färber