Blissful Moments in the Artemacur Spa

The art of pampering in a hotel with spa treatments

At the Klosterhof Alpine Hideaway & Spa, we give our all to make your holiday a time just for you. Salt and enriching oils on your skin, soothing massages from head to toe – and excellent cosmetics and facials for healthy, glowing skin. You will love the atmosphere in the Artemacur Spa – a place for your own personal spa day. Take a break from everyday life at the Klosterhof.

Your spa holiday: an overview of our treatments

Place your trust in the gentle, experienced hands of the Artemacur Spa team. First-class training in cosmetics and spa treatments are a given here. Look forward to superb, top-quality treatments.

Soothing massages

  • Back, neck, shoulders
    25 min. | € 39.00
    50 min. | € 74.00
  • Full-body massage
    80 min. | € 99.00
  • Personalised massage for mums-to-be (babymoon massage)
    50 min. | € 74.00
  • Togetherness – couples massage
    50 min. | € 152.00
    80 min. | € 202.00

Foot reflexology massage

Soothing effect of alternating soft and hard pressure on the reflex zones of your foot – activating and regenerating.

50 min. | € 74.00

Intensive sports massage

Just the thing after a hard day of sports, a long bike ride or a hike.

50 min. | € 79.00

Pain therapy: Liebscher & Bracht techniques

Tension and pain is released using osteopressure techniques developed by Liebscher & Bracht. Our well-trained pain management therapist Gerlinde uses her hands to treat visitors naturally and targets the cause, not just the symptoms, of their pain. The alarm pain receptors discovered by Liebscher & Bracht are used to influence pain points, which act as biological information switches to the brain.

60 min. | € 120.00

Cranio-sacral therapy

Gentle pushing and pulling motions release tissue tension and bring your body back into balance.

50 min. | € 89.00


Soft pressure, stretches and rotations mobilise and activate the body in its entirety.

60 min. | € 79.00

Journey of sound

Sound journeys put the listener into a state of deep relaxation and help release physical and mental blocks.

Our trained Shiatsu trainer Michael is happy to offer relaxing singing bowl massages upon request.

50 min. | € 59.00

Massageanwendung im Spa-Hotel Klosterhof in Bayern.
Spa-Mitarbeiterin bei Rückenmassage im 4 Sterne Superior Spa-Hotel Klosterhof in Bayern.

Der Klosterhof ist Ihr Hotel mit Hamam 

Orientalische Seifenschaummassage - Wellness aus dem Orient in Bayerisch Gmain  

Tauchen Sie ein in die orientalische Welt des Hamam und genießen Sie die wohltuende Wärme und lassen Ihren Körper und Geist im sanften Licht entspannen.  Sinnlichte Düfte, wohliges Licht und ein Gefühl aus Tausendundeiner Nacht.

Unsere  orientalische Hamam-Zeremonie besteht aus einem traditionellem Reinigungsritual mit Peeling und Seifenschaumwaschung. Wassergüsse und wohltuende Wärme runden das orient-alpin Erlebnis ab. Danach fühlt sich Ihre Haut besonders fein an – Sie sind von Kopf bis Fuß gereinigt und erfrischt.

Eingehüllt in ein „Pestemal“, das karierte Tuch, betritt man das orientalische Dampfbad und lässt sich auf dem warmen Stein nieder. Unsere ausgebildeten Hamam-Meister im Klosterhof kümmern sich um den Rest. 

  • Kleine Hamam-Zeremonie  30 min | € 59,00

Facial treatments for glowing skin

Cleansing mountain stream

Deep cleansing depending on your skin type according to TEAM DR JOSEPH methods: this treatment begins with warm herbal steam compresses, a gentle lymph-stimulating massage, exfoliation, purifying with cupping glasses and deep cleansing. Followed by a toning facial pack, peel-off mask and skin-specific day cream. For visibly fresher skin and a healthy glow.

50 min. | € 75.00

Warm summer rain

A wonderfully natural active ingredient care regime, specially tailored to your skin with an immediate effect and deeply relaxing pampering using TEAM DR JOSEPH methods: skin diagnostics, eyebrow shaping, lymph-stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, exfoliation, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum-modulated facial massage, intensive mask and a final individual day care cream with highly effective natural active ingredients for healthy, well-nourished skin.

80 min. | € 98.00

Invigorating breeze – just for men

EBENHOLZ Natural – Skin Care for Men:
powerful, natural, effective. Natural high-tech power for fresh skin, greater confidence and a healthy-looking complexion.

Our trained cosmeticians give both clean-shaven and bearded men the individual treatment they need – with cleansing, serum and pack with a relaxing face and neck massage.

50 min. | €74.00

Eyes & make-up

  • Eyebrow shaping 15 min. I € 20.00
    Eyebrow tinting 10 min. I € 15.00
    Eyelash tinting 15 min. I € 20.00
  • Bright eyes 30 min. I € 54.00
  • Day make-up 15 min. | € 27.00
  • Evening make-up 30 min. | € 54.00

We kindly ask you to make your appointment well in advance. Final price according to service provided and upon consultation.

Cosmetics – bringing out the best in him and her

The many years of experience of the cosmetics and beauty team at the Artemacur Spa have enabled them to fine-tune which brands are allowed on our guests’ skin. “We only use first-class, gentle and natural cosmetics,” explains head cosmetician Andriana. TEAM DR JOSEPH is the cosmetics brand we trust for our guests, while EBENHOLZ Skincare has been developed specifically for men.

TEAM DR JOSEPH – a new generation of skincare

Internationally successful and headquartered in South Tyrol, TEAM DR JOSEPH reflects the guiding principles of our hotel:

  • Respect for nature with its purity and variety
  • Quality at all levels – sustainable and effective
  • Sense of responsibility for and responsible use of natural resources
  • Holistic, effective high-tech natural cosmetics

Two worlds collide in TEAM DR JOSEPH creations: folk medicine meets the latest scientific findings; the purest ingredients meet the finest technology; the ingenuity of nature meets highly developed expertise. Quality means combining these two worlds with respect for the natural balance of the skin to create balanced, synergistic products. That is why you will find “high-tech natural cosmetics” in every TEAM DR JOSEPH product.


Learn more about TEAM DR JOSEPH products during your spa treatment and purchase everything you need for your own cosmetics ritual at home.

EBENHOLZ Skincare: developed especially for men

Fresh, healthy-looking skin not only makes you handsome, it leaves a lasting impression: it's on the basis of this simple insight that EBENHOLZ develops its skincare products. Five highly effective, natural “skincare tools” are tailored to the special needs of men’s skin to give it a fresher appearance.

EBENHOLZ is certified vegan according to the strict guidelines of the Vegan Society®. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and free from PEGs, parabens, silicone and synthetic dyes.

The packaging is made of recyclable black glass and the renewable resource wood – treated only with fire.

Learn more about EBENHOLZ’s innovative range of skincare products with our exclusive ”Invigorating breeze – just for men” treatment. You can also purchase EBENHOLZ products at the Klosterhof to maintain your fresh appearance at home.

Holiday packages

Nature & Indulgence

Hiking and Spa in Bavaria

Indulgence & Spa

Pure well-being: a short break in Bavaria with free spa voucher

Romantic Getaway

Short break for couples at the Klosterhof – a romantic long weekend in Bavaria

At one with nature. At one with yourself. That is the beauty of the Artemacur Spa.

Andriana, dedicated cosmetologist at the Artemacur Spa

Soak up the sun

Enjoy a drink or bite to eat on our terrace with views of the Alps – that’s what we call wellness for the soul!

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