Blissful Moments in the Artemacur Spa

The art of pampering in a hotel with spa treatments

At the Klosterhof Alpine Hideaway & Spa, we give our all to make your holiday a time just for you. Salt and enriching oils on your skin, soothing massages from head to toe – and excellent cosmetics and facials for healthy, glowing skin. You will love the atmosphere in the Artemacur Spa – a place for your own personal spa day. Take a break from everyday life at the Klosterhof.

Your spa holiday: an overview of our treatments

Place your trust in the gentle, experienced hands of the Artemacur Spa team. First-class training in cosmetics and spa treatments are a given here. Look forward to superb, top-quality treatments.

Take a look at our extensive spa menu in advance! We will be happy to advise you personally in an individual consultation on all questions regarding our spa offer. 

To make an appointment and for advice, please call  0049 8651 9825-510 or send an e-mail to 

our artemacur spa menu & prices
Damen im Bademantel beim Entspannen im Panorama-Ruheraum des Spa-Hotel Klosterhof in Bayern.

Signature Treatments

Only at the Artemacur Spa

Floating in the Soledom (Private Spa)

In the Klosterhof Spa we have created for you a retreat  
where you can relax while floating.  Feel as light as a feather and experience the feeling of weightlessness while floating in local Bad  
Reichenhall alpine brine in our SoleDom.

25 min | € 42,00 (for two € 57,00) 

50 min | € 69,00 (for two € 84,00)

Guided Floating Therapy in the Soledom

Guided movement therapy with a therapist in the Alpen Soledom 

50 min | € 109,00

Artemacur Classic Stamp Massage

Deeply relaxing massage with warm quartz stamps  and herbal oils on our unique Bad Reichenhall salt massagebed. Thanks to the warm quartz stamps, we can specifically address tensions and release them through heat and pressure.  

50 min | € 86,00 

80 min | € 126,00 

Recommended by host Dr. med. Andreas Färber

Alpine Symphony 

Start with a peeling of your choice or the  the alpine fango full body wrap and then relax with a  and then relax with a 50-minute  
full body aroma oil massage.  

110 min | € 130.00

Salt Spa Ceremony

At the Klosterhof, recharge your batteries with the energy of salt and brine. Complete indulgence program with free floating in the Alpen Soledom, vitalizing salt peeling and full body massage on the Bad Reichenhall salt lounger.  

170 min | € 226.00 

Recommended by Spa Manager Kimberly Wahry

Massages at the Spa Hotel for your well-being

Back, neck, shoulder massage

This liberating and loosening massage leads to deep relaxation. Ideal for tension and pain in the back area or also for stress and migraine.

25 min 48,– 
50 min 80,–

Aroma oil massage - anti-stress massage

Enjoy the warming effect of fragrant oils and slow down with gentle strokes. The calming and balancing effect relaxes body and mind.

50 min 86,– 
80 min 104,–

Individual full body massage

Relax with light strokes or strong grips. During our soothing full-body massage from head to toe, we focus on your personal priorities - whether the focus is on arms and legs or back and head - it's up to you to decide Enjoy 80 minutes of complete individuality!

80 min 104,–

Sound bowl massage

Enter into a different world and immerse yourself in sound into a world of sound relaxation. Sound bowls are placed on the clothed body and struck. This creates vibrations that are transmitted to the body and the lymphatic flow and are absorbed through the auditory system.

The gentle and harmonious sounds quickly lead to deep relaxation

50 min 80,–

Sports and fascia massage

Deep massage to relax the muscles and activate the circulation. The intensive massage technique is just the thing after an active day, a hike or a bike tour and prevents muscle pain.

50 min 89,– 
80 min 114,–

Foot reflexology massage

The soothing effect of alternating gentle and firm pressure on the reflex zones of your foot for activation and regeneration.

50 min 80,–

Head massage

This massage not only helps against headaches, but also provides relaxation.

Gentle pressure applied to the head, stimulates the scalp and blood circulation.

25 min 48,–

Leg massage

Gentle massage strokes loosen and relax tired, heavy legs and feet

25 min 48,– 

50 min 80,– 


Lymphatic drainage 

The lymphatic system is mobilised with skilful system and congestion is reduced. A feeling of relaxation sets in and decongestion processes are supported. Perfect for activating the tired body!

50 min 84,– 

Spa rituals & treatments für two

 For lovers or with the best friend, for mother and daughter - there are many occasions for a couple's treatment


Enjoy a soothing back, neck and shoulder massage for two in our "Herzblatt" room.
50 min 152,– 
80 min 202,– 

Individual togetherness

Relax as a couple with massages tailored to your needs - with strong grips and stretches, or would you prefer gentle strokes for complete relaxation? We adapt to your wishes.
50 min 164,– 
80 min 216,– 

White gold for two

Revitalising and skin-tightening salt peeling for two. The homemade salt peeling made from the white gold of our region regenerates your skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Finally, relax together with a moisturising full body wrap.
50 min 150,– 

Honeymoon Ceremony

Enjoy a wellness journey together at the Artemacur Spa. Start with a joint body scrub followed by a 50-minute full body massage. The finale is the 25-minute weightless floating in our Alpine Soledom.
110 min 289,– 

Us - redefined

Give yourself valuable time together and feel your partner anew. Under the guidance therapist, you will learn how to massage each other (60 min) followed by relaxation time just for you personally.
80 min 169,–

Spa treatments  for parents-to-be

Babymoon and wellness during pregnancy

Babymoon Massage - Gentle pregnancy massage

Our pregnancy massage takes place on a special massage chair for pregnant wome or in a sideways lying position.
25 min 48,– 
back - neck - shoulder or leg massage             
50 min 84,– 
Full body massage (without feet and lower back)

Babymoon Facial

For this pampering beauty treatment for expectant mothers, we work with nature-certified cosmetics, which are both gentle and nurturing at the same time. With moisturising masks and massage creams, your skin will radiate a new glow.   
50 min 84,– 

Babymoon - quality time for mothers-to-be

50 minutes facial treatment incl. eyebrow and eyelash tinting, pedicure or manicure
100 min 178,– 

Lymphatic drainage for expectant mothers

Lymphatic drainage relieves congestion and swelling activates the lymphatic system. This provides a pleasant, relaxing feeling - ideal for tired muscles and for regeneration. A blessing during pregnancy!
50 min 80,– 

Babymoon Lymphatic Drainage Deluxe

30 minutes lymphatic drainage for the face, 50 minutes lymphatic drainage for the body
80 min 128,– 

Babymoon Me-Time

50 minutes peeling & pack, 30 minutes express facial & 25 minutes eye treatment
105 min 169,–

Body treatments & peelings

Fresh energy and recharge your batteries

Alpine Fango Detox Body Pack

A "wellness must" for lovers of Alpine tradition. Detoxifying alpine mineral pack for an invigorating skin feeling. Alpine fango not only improves circulation, but also stimulates the metabolism.. 
50 min 56,– 

Cream aroma full body peeling

Enjoy pure relaxation and decelerate your mind and body with our gentle cream aroma full body peeling.
50 min 56,– 

Salt scrub

Bad Reichenhall salt has been known for its healing properties for centuries. As a salt peeling, it promotes blood circulation and improves the appearance of the skin. In addition to the caring and cleansing effect, the regional peeling helps you to relax.
50 min 56,– 

Artemacur Salt + Gentle Bodypackage

The revitalising and skin-tightening salt peeling regenerates your skin and leaves it feeling delicately soft. Afterwards, the moisturising full body pack rounds off the full body treatment.
50 min 79,–

Hamam ceremony

The Klosterhof is your hotel with hamam 

immerse yourself in the oriental world of the hamam, enjoy the soothing warmth and let your body and mind relax in the gentle light. 

Hamam Suite

Peeling, soap foam wash
30 min 68,– 

Hamam Suite Deluxe

Peeling, soap foam wash
50 min 106,– 

Salt peeling on the hamam stone

Enjoy a cleansing full-body salt scrub on our warm hamam stone.
30 min 56,– 

Hamam from head to toe

Complete relaxation from head to toe. You start with a pleasant salt footbath and then relax with a soothing healing earth facial massage on our pre-warmed hamam stone.
40 min 62,-

Spa treatments  for athletes & mountaineers

Sports massages & more

Sports and fascia massage 

Deep massage to relax the muscles and activate the circulation
50 min 89,– 
80 min 114,– 

Activating foot and leg massage 

Ideal for tension, swelling and pressure pains caused by high stress on the legs and feet. 
25 min 48,– 
50 min 80,– 

Intensive back massage  

An intensive and deep back massage for tense sportsman's muscles. We use the forearm and elbow to loosen the tense back muscles. 
25 min 56,– 
50 min 85,– 

Pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht (osteopressure) 

In pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht, tensions in muscles and fascia are released by pressing, rolling and stretching. 
60 min 130,– 

Bamboo massage 

Deep-lying muscle hardening and tissue tension are loosened with bamboo sticks. Blood circulation is promoted with activating movements and the regeneration process is thus accelerated. 
50 min 92,– 
80 min 118,– 

Manicure & Pedicure

perfect hands & feet


40 min 47,– 
incl. nourishing hand cream

50 min 59,– 
incl. nourishing hand cream and nail polish of your choice


40 min 57,– 
incl. cream bath 

50 min 69,– 
incl. cream bath and nail polish of your choice 

All-round feel-good package Mani & Pedi

A soothing combination of manicure & pedicure.

Without nail polish 104,– 
With nail polish 128,–

Can be added to any manicure or pedicure:
Peeling 15,– 
Hand massage 20,– 
Foot massage 20,–

Facials for a radiant complexion & cosmetics

Enjoy beauty with Trawenmoor Organic Skincare & Ebenholz Skin Care 

The long experienced cosmetics and beauty team in our spa has clearly decided which brands are allowed to the skin of the guests.

Trawenmoor - Organic Skincare

As a regional company, Trawenmoor stands for more than first-class organic quality and combines those principles that are also very important for our spa concept:

  • organic - at least 98% of the ingredients in the products are of natural origin
  • vegan - no animal ingredients or genetic engineering are used in the production process
  • climate-neutral - all CO2 emissions are offset by recognized climate protection projects

Ebenholz Skincare: Pure men's business

Fresh, healthy-looking skin not only makes you beautiful, it leaves a lasting impression. The development of all EBENHOLZ care products is based on this simple insight. Five highly effective, natural "Skincare Tools" are tailored to the special needs of men's skin and restore its fresh appearance.

Purifying mountain stream - intensive cleansing treatment 

Intensive deep cleansing for impure skin. Impurities are gently removed and sebum production reduced. A coordinated care for the relaxation of sensitive skin concludes this intensive facial treatment. 

80 min 98,–

Warm Summer Rain - Well Aging Facial Treatment 

This facial treatment promotes blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism for better absorption of active ingredients. The result is intensively nourished skin and a fresh, vital complexion. 

80 min 104,–

Express Hydrating Facial Treatment  

Facial cleansing - short peeling - care mask - facial massage - finishing care 

25 min 54,–

Individual beauty 

Enjoy a facial treatment individually tailored to your needs. Let us advise you and then relax with a detailed and nurturing application.

50 min 84,– 
80 min 104,– 
110 min 144,– incl. relaxing face, décolleté and neck massage) 

Pure Man Thing by Ebenholz Skin Care 

Whether you are a daily shaver or a beard wearer, our trained beauticians round off the individual treatment including cleansing, serum and pack with a pleasant face and neck massage. 

30 min 54,– 
50 min 84,– 
80 min 98,–

Light make-up 

Light & natural day make-up following a facial treatment.

€ 19,00

Beautiful Moments & Make-Up

Eyes, Lashes, Waxing & Make-Up

Sparkling eyes

lymph drainage - active ingredient serum - nourishing eye pack - eye care 
25 min 45,– 
(can be booked individually or as an add-on to a facial treatment) 

  • Eyebrow shaping 20,-
  • Eyebrow tinting 15,-
  • Eyelash tinting 20,-
  • The complete programme 54,- 

"Lash Lifting" - lash wave

We conjure up fresh momentum for your lashes and take care of your breathtaking eye look. 
30 min 54,– 

Beautiful moments : for the windows of your soul

Enjoy the complete package and relax with eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyebrow correction and eyelash curling. Complete eye programme + Lash Lifting
45 min 99,– 

Depilation - Hair-free with waxing
Upper lip 14,– 
Legs up to the knee 38,– 
Legs complete 58,– 
Back or chest 38,– 
Armpits or bikini line 28,– 
Brazilian Wax 48,– 

The perfect performance & entrance
Light day make-up 27,– 
Make-up for the evening 45,– 
Bridal / Gala Make-up 110,– 

Holiday packages

Nature & Indulgence

Hiking and Spa in Bavaria

Indulgence & Spa

Pure well-being: a short break in Bavaria with free spa voucher

Romantic Getaway

Short break for couples at the Klosterhof – a romantic long weekend in Bavaria

At one with nature. At one with yourself. That is the beauty of the Artemacur Spa.

Andriana, dedicated cosmetologist at the Artemacur Spa

Soak up the sun

Enjoy a drink or bite to eat on our terrace with views of the Alps – that’s what we call wellness for the soul!

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