Hiking and Spa Holidays at the Klosterhof

Berchtesgaden has hiking and wellness for all

Reach new heights at the Klosterhof – namely in the Berchtesgaden Alps! The summits of the National Park reward you with spectacular views. Leisurely trails and challenging ascents take you to the top. Around the Klosterhof, you will find hikes that stimulate all your senses; ones that excite you and inspire you. Have you heard of the “heart stone”? This romantic place of natural power is easy to reach from the hotel as it is hidden on one of the trails around the Klosterhof Alpine Hideaway & Spa.

Hardly any region in Germany is as diverse and can shine with its variety of sports as the Berchtesgaden region. Come up high with us - during the Klosterhof Hiking Weeks from July 1st to 14th, 2024.

Highlights for hiking in Berchtesgaden 

  • Numerous hiking trails for wonderful walks around our wellness hotel and to the famous "Herzstein" (heart stone) 
  • Hiking routes in various levels of difficulty in the Berchtesgaden National Park and the Lattengebirge mountains 
  • Gondola ride to the Predigtstuhl & relaxed high-altitude hikes on the circular hiking trail 
  • Cable car ride to the Jenner at Königssee incl. view of the Watzmann (tickets available at reception) 
  • guided hikes from easy to challenging 
  • excellent starting point for the SalzAlpenSteig long-distance hiking trail 
  • free activity programme with hikes, Nordic walking and yoga

A true masterpiece are right outside the hotel

The Alps

When you stay at the Klosterhof Alpine Hideaway & Spa, you’ll find yourself itching to lace up your hiking boots and hit the trail. The lovely Klosterhof oak-lined alley is your path to pure nature. Knotty old trees line the trails. What a joy it is to hike and then hit the spa in Berchtesgaden afterwards. The Klosterhof has the perfect programme no matter the weather – and if you would like to book a guided hike, just ask!


Nature’s masterpieces are so close in all four seasons thanks to our excellent location. Surrounded by luscious green fields, enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the “sleeping witch” and Untersberg mountain. Look in the other direction and soak up the views of the Hochstaufen or the Lofer mountains whose picturesque peaks are covered in snow, even outside of winter.

Nature’s masterpieces are so close in all four seasons thanks to our excellent location. Surrounded by luscious green fields, enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the “sleeping witch” and Untersberg mountain. Look in the other direction and soak up the views of the Hochstaufen or the Lofer mountains, whose picturesque peaks are covered in snow, even outside of winter.

Let yourself be inspired by the unique surroundings and visit the famous Königssee or romantic Hintersee during an excursion, or explore the mysterious Watzmann in one of Bavaria's most beautiful regions.

Ruhige Stimmung rund um den Hintersee im Berchtesgadener Land.

Tips for tours in and around Berchtesgaden

Are you a passionate mountain climber or looking for energy and places of power? Have you heard of forest bathing? There is so much to discover around the Klosterhof – with plenty of mindfulness and opportunities for living in the moment.

The “sleeping witch” and traversing the Lattengebirge 
  • Four peaks from the Hallthurm to the Predigtstuhl: from the Hallthurm car park (5-minute drive from the Klosterhof), hike a short distance on the panorama trail. 
  • After about 15 minutes, turn right and head up the Rotofensattel. Follow signs towards Hochschlegel – Predigtstuhl – Dreisesselberg – Karkopf to the Steinerne Agnes (“Stone Agnes”). 
  • There, take the trail to the ramshackle Steinbergalm alp. Keep right here and go up the path to the hollow between Dreisesselberg and Karkopf. 
  • After about 15 minutes, keep right to reach the peak of the Dreisesselberg mountain. Then head back down to the hollow where the trail meets the ascent (uphill) trail.
  • Here continue straight ahead on an easy path to the Karkopf. Go back again and keep left to the summit of the Hochschlegel. 
  • Descend over the summit hollow to the Schlegelmulde-Alm, and on to the summit of the Predigtstuhl (AV Trail no. 469/404A). 
  • From there, hike to the mountain station of the Predigtstuhlbahn cable car, which will take you easily back down into the valley. 
  • From the valley station, it is a 5-minute walk to the bus stop for buses back to Hallthurm.

Duration: approx. 6 hours  |  Length: 9,75 km  |  Ascent: 1.150 HM  |  Descent: 300 HM

The Hochstaufen: Bad Reichenhall’s highest mountain
  • This hike starts at the Padinger Alm car park (10-minute drive from the Klosterhof). 
  • Follow the path that runs past the car park uphill until it ends and transitions into a smaller trail.
  • After a longer section of the trail in the forest, you will reach a tree-free, rocky passage. Just after a long curve to the left, you will reach a bench at a scenic lookout that provides a great spot to take a break and enjoy the panoramic views to the left. 
  • The trail then heads above the treeline and through rocky sections with hardly any plants. 
  • The trail becomes a bit greener at Bartlmahd, then climbs towards the west ridge of the Hochstaufen. The path over the ridge is technically not difficult to walk, but it does have some quite exposed passages.
  • This hike requires surefootedness and a head for heights, but the beautiful views are reward for the difficult ascent. 
  • The path then becomes less exposed and leads to Reichenhaller Haus, the highest mountain hut in the Chiemgau Alps. From here, it’s just a few metres to the summit.

Duration: approx. 5-6 hours  |  Length: 10 km  |  Ascent & Descent: 1.330 HM

From Großgmain up to the Untersberg
  • This hike starts at the Bruchhäusl, an old quarry in Großgmain (a 5-minute drive from the Klosterhof), directly in the foothills of the Untersberg. 
  • Hike uphill for about 2 hours until you reach the ramshackle Vierkaser Alm alp. 
  • The path is rarely used by hikers, and you won’t meet many people along the way – perfect if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. 
  • From there, hike over the Ochsenkopf to Mitterberg and continue on until you reach the Stöhrhaus hut on the Untersberg. 
  • Here you will be treated to incredible views of Salzburger Land. 
  • If you want, you can take the Untersberg cable car back down.

Duration: approx. 5-7 hours  |  Length: 8 km  |  Ascent: 1.500 HM  |  Descent: 314 HM

4 Wanderer in der Allee vor dem Wellnesshotel Klosterhof in Bayern.
Eine Gruppe von Wanderern im Wanderurlaub mit Wellness im Hotel Klosterhof, Bayern.

Where Passion & Excitement Come Alive 

Relaxing nights & culinary highlights on a hiking and wellness holiday in Bavaria

Taste culinary enthusiasm 

It is not only the varied hiking routes that make our guests' hearts beat faster during their holiday with hiking and wellness - well-travelled gourmets can expect taste creations from traditional cuisine with international influences from star cuisine. 

GenussArt Dinner

Feel individuality 

Feel individuality 

The stylishly furnished suites and rooms offer plenty of space to unwind. Sustainable types of wood lend a warm character and create a special room climate. Enjoy the view through the generous panorama windows and let yourself be inspired by the unique landscape of the region around the 4*S Wellnesshotel Klosterhof. Our suites with private whirlpool provide a special treat.

Rooms & Suites

Find inspiration and live enthusiasm, with hiking and wellness in Bavaria.

It's not only during the hikes in and around Berchtesgaden that you can enjoy the warm season. But also in the exclusive wellness area. Here you can enjoy well-deserved relaxation with treatments and massages. Immerse yourself in a feeling of weightlessness in our indoor pool while floating towards the fire in the fireplace. Feel the lightness while floating in the unique brine pool or enjoy the panorama of the Bavarian Alps in the heated outdoor pool. 

Artemacur Spa

Passion and excitement come alive when you jump in the pool to relax after your hike. The incredible views will be your constant companion.

Andreas Färber, host

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