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Der Klosterhof als Kunstprojekt

Als die Anfrage des Wirtschaftsdichters Oliver W. Schwarzmann kam, ob er den Klosterhof in das nicht-kommerzielle Kunstprojekt "Poetische Welt" aufnehmen dürfte, hieß die Antwort sofort "Ja". Schließlich gehören Kunst & Kultur genauso zum Klosterhof wie Wellness & Weitblick.
Wir wussten nicht, welches Foto die Künstler Schwarzmann & Bley auswählen und wir konnten nicht ahnen, welchen Gedankenspruch sie dem Klosterhof zuschreiben würden. Umso mehr hat uns das Ergebnis begeistert!
Somit ist der Klosterhof nun gleichsam Kulturort und Kunstobjekt.
Wir sagen von Herzen Danke und wünschen uns noch mehr Einblicke in diese wunderbare Poetische Welt.

Happy Birthday, Klosterhof!

"Making connections" was our motto for Klosterhof's first birthday. And that was fully fulfilled: Locals sat at the table with holidaymakers, hotel staff talked to visitors, barbecue specialities followed gourmet snacks, traditional crafts met the creative work of little artists.

A benefit for all was the entertainment program: Right at the beginning the children in traditional costume from the community, the "Lattenberger Zwergerl", enchanted the audience with their performance. The youngest visitors strolled happily with llamas along the Steilhofweg, raved at the painting action and eagerly drew lots. One profit after the other was carried out from the Zirbensuite. Especially the main winners were very happy about an overnight stay in a deluxe hotel, a cabriolet ride and a set of deck chairs (picture left). The Klosterhof not only used the day to present itself and its new products, but also offered a platform to numerous local partners: Rappold from the Schindlmacherei of the same name showed his craft, the carpenter's shop Haas explained the custom-made rooms in the Klosterhof, the wine press Stadler and the Reichenhaller mineral water donated their products in litres for a small donation to Hohenfried.

On this day, Family Färber was most pleased that all lots had been sold and that the Klosterhof could therefore make a generous donation to Hohenfried e. V. in Bayerisch Gmain simply by selling lots. "We would like to thank all our regional partners, who have so eagerly donated things, and all our employees, who have collected prizes and distributed flyers so that this very first birthday party will be something very special. We are thrilled by the commitment on all sides," the owners said.

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