Kirsch & Kern

Music and sensual, cheeky poetry

Kirsch and Kern - that's Doris Kirschhofer and Sigrid Gerlach. The two musicians conjure up colourful, shimmering worlds of sound and immerse the audience in a free world full of possibilities. 
Two extraordinary voices, two accordions and sensual, cheeky poetry result in a variety of sounds, emotions and thoughts. From profound to nonsensical to blackly humorous. Monumental melodic arcs alternate with fragile filigree sound landscapes and poetic lyrics. A multi-faceted sound carousel: sometimes fiery passionate, then again melancholic playful, cheeky, profound, tender.   

  • 4 June 2023, 8:00 p.m.

Full moon concerts at hotel Klosterhof: 

Whenever the full moon is high above the mountains with its splendour, we open our doors for live concerts. Musical surprises in the wellness hotel with live music - this also awaits our guests in the Klosterhof.  

Admission for hotel guests: free of charge 
Admission for external visitors: EUR 19,- incl. aperitif 

Please make a reservation by calling 08651-98250 or