Moment Zwo - Christian Wendt und  Markus Pristernik

Tango, Jazz, Baroque Music

The two musicians, Marcus Pristernik and Christian Wendt, both from the Vienna area, got to know and appreciate each other as "sidemen" in numerous formations (Maria Bill, AndrĂ© Heller, Wolfgang Muthspiel). During the work of these projects, not only friendship developed, but also the desire to face the freedom, subtlety and openness of a duo instrumentation in the form of guitar and double bass. Musically, the two musicians express themselves with the means of composition as well as improvisation and tread stylistic paths such as tango, jazz and baroque music. 

The programme consists of both original compositions and pieces that have accompanied them in the course of their careers and are of special significance to both of them. 

guitar: Marcus Pristernik 
bass: Christian Wendt 

  • 8 November 2022, 8:00 p.m.

Full moon concerts in the Klosterhof: 

Whenever the full moon is high above the mountains with its splendour, we open our doors for live concerts. Musical surprises in the wellness hotel with live music - this also awaits our guests in the Klosterhof.  

Admission for hotel guests: Free of charge 
Admission for external visitors: EUR 15,- incl. aperitif 

Tickets are available in the Klosterhof or at the box office. 

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