Schaghajegh Nosrati and Misagh Joolaee

Kamancheh & Piano sounds from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey

Misagh Joolaee and Schaghajegh Nosrati are two top musicians who, in addition to their work in established genres and formations, are always on the lookout for the unheard-of. The combination of a traditional Iranian instrument - the kamancheh, also called the spiked violin - and the piano represents the idea of international understanding. 
In their music, the "Persian Miniature" - Azerbaijani, Turkish and Armenian folk songs - borders, tensions and conflicts dissolve into dance and longing and point to a better future. 
Schaghajegh Nosrati is known above all in the classical world for her intensive study of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. She can be heard regularly as a soloist on international stages and has worked intensively with Sir AndrĂ¡s Schiff for years.
Misagh Joolaee is one of the most sought-after Kamancheh virtuosos of his generation. His recordings, which have already won the German Record Critics' Prize twice, have been highly praised by the international press.

  • 23 March 2023, 8:00 p.m.

Full moon concerts at hotel Klosterhof: 

Whenever the full moon is high above the mountains with its splendour, we open our doors for live concerts. Musical surprises in the wellness hotel with live music - this also awaits our guests in the Klosterhof.  

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