The Alpine Sole Dome

Experience flotation bath weightlessness in the Alpine saltwater of Bad Reichenhall.

Floating in the highly concentrated saline solution causes your body to lose any sense of its limitations, feeling weightless and unbound by outside physical limitations.

Alpine brine from Bad Reichenhall

For over 250 million years, the salt of the primordial ocean has been slumbering in the depths of the Bad Reichenhall mountains. Dissolved in spring water, it has collected in the cavity of the Bad Reichenhall basin as a unique solution (salt content: 12 per cent).

The brine is rich in minerals and trace elements and is piped in its pristine and original form to spa hotels, spa centres and clinics in the Alpine town. Used for inhalations and baths, it regenerates the respiratory tract, has a soothing effect on the musculoskeletal system, boosts immune power, and benefits the skin.

Deep relaxation & weightlessness

At the Klosterhof we have created a space for you to relax. Feel as light as a feather as you experience weightlessness – in a bath in the Alpine Sole Dome. Immerse yourself in the natural power of the Bad Reichanhall brine. The Sole Dome is available for individual use or in pairs.

Floating pool for one person     50 min | € 69,00
Floating pool for two people package price     50 min | € 84,00

Give in to weightlessness and let the water gently carry you into a state of relaxation

Guided movement therapy in the Alpine Sole Dome for one person 50 min | € 109,00

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