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Each treatment becomes a ritual – every spa appointment is a unique experience. einmaligen Erlebnis.

Delight in life – at Klosterhof, this is our motto. You will find spa rituals here that you will not find anywhere else and which will awaken your enthusiasm.

Hamam Ceremony at the Artemacur SPA

Experience the bathing ceremony from the Orient in the Artemacur SPA!

Here at the Artemacur SPA you can enjoy the oriental soap foam massage with silk bag, olive oil soap and 1001 night rituals at a traditional Hamam ceremony.

About 800 years ago a bathing culture developed in the Orient, which found its perfection in the Hamam. The aim of the Hamam is the physical and mental cleansing, the wiping off of everyday thoughts and the loosening of joints and muscles. The Hamam is a Turkish sweat bath with increased humidity and dampened light. Your body is first peeled with wild silk, soaped and then vigorously covered in a cloud of foam massaged by a specially trained professional. Relax afterwards in the Artemacur SPA with a cup of tea and fruit. The SPA reception is at your disposal for a visit to the Hamam.

Our certified Hamam masters Georg and Andreas are looking forward to your visit and will be happy to advise you personally. In order to guarantee your personal well-being, we kindly ask you to make an appointment before your arrival.

60 min | € 119,00 per person

A special massage experience on the quartz sand lounger

We offer an absolute innovation in the field of wellness with the Gharieni quartz lounger. The mixture of quartz sand and coarse Bad Reichenhall natural salt provides an innovative mixture of technical knowledge and regional roots. It brings the beneficial microclimate of mountains and forests directly into the treatment room.

The ions of the salt are released by heating the quartz-salt mixture. The ionized air increases oxygen intake when you breathe. The positive effects – a relaxing, antispasmodic, soothing, and refreshing as well as revitalizing effect – are therapeutically supplemented by specially coordinated rituals, which we have developed specially for our guests.

We will be delighted to advise you at the spa.



We cannot adequately describe these wonderful treatments specially created for the Klosterhof – you have to experience them yourself!

50 min | € 86,00
80 min | € 126,00

Experience the quartz sand lounger: Take a relaxing break with the singing bowl.

20 min / € 25,00

Our designer wet massage bed

We have developed these treatments exclusively for the Klosterhof. You rest on a warm waterbed and can relax completely.


Feel like you are on a fragrant mountain meadow - breathe out, relax, and breathe in.
This gentle exfoliation with hay blossoms, ground hazelnut shells and apricot stones provides your skin with a deep cleanse. The active ingredients contained in the hay extract have a vitalizing and toning effect, making your skin appear soft and radiant.

50 min | € 54,00

Classic salt exfoliation with original Bad Reichenhall salt supports the regeneration of your skin, makes it velvety soft and leaves you feeling intensely refreshed.

50 min | € 54,00

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells with the help of the finest scrubbing substances and leaves your skin looking smooth – ideal after a long winter or during the summer season, before sunbathing.
It is a great way to prepare your body for a pack, or for a massage, as it allows the active ingredients in the massage oil to be much better absorbed. We therefore offer exfoliation and massage in a convenient package:

+ 30 min. massage | 80 min. total treatment time

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