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From diagnostics and therapy to meaningful and sustainable integration into everyday life and work: the concept medicine developed by Dr. Andreas Färber involves the entire person in all forms of treatment. "We do not treat a diagnosis, we treat the person from a different, unconventional point of view", explains Färber the guide in the Artemacur Health Centre in the Klosterhof.
Old patterns are broken through, a changed perspective on the human being as a whole and not only its anamnesis enable new diagnostic procedures and therapeutic options. Thus the health vacation in Bavaria makes a simple start possible to live healthy and active.
The health vacation in the monastery yard goes away from the classical cure vacation to an inspiring stay in well-being feeling atmosphere.


The health centre

Since the reopening of the Klosterhof, the health centre has moved into a section of the historical hotel.

Implementing the Artemacur philosophy in medical treatments extends established medicine, based and centred on diagnosing diseases, to include new concepts developed by Dr Andreas Färber. He focuses on the patient as a person and individual.

The patient works with the physician to develop individual concepts that go beyond simple diagnosis to include medical reports, potential future developments, and the patient’s personal life situation in particular.

Conceptual medicine enables individually adapted prevention, opens up new diagnostic approaches and therapeutic options through the shifted perspective, and changes the quality of life through new philosophical aspects.



Liver Fasting Therapy

15 days liver fasting after Dr. Worm at the Klosterhof

The non-alcoholic fatty liver is Europe's new hidden widespread disease. Every 3rd person in Germany is affected - mostly without knowing it. With the 15-day program you proceed purposefully against the fatty liver syndrome and the consequences like the metabolic syndrome - and completely relaxed in the well-being feeling atmosphere of the Klosterhof.

The Klosterhof offers you all the prerequisites for lasting success: a real hideaway in a unique natural setting, medical care in the house and daily inspiration and relaxation for a life full of enthusiasm.

Pricing requests and additional details via info@klosterhof.de

8 day "Healthy Weight-loss" Arrangement

How do I lose weight quickly? Why don't I lose weight? Many people who want to reduce their weight permanently ask themselves this question. With the 8-day programme "Healthy Weight Loss in the Klosterhof" you can finally find the best way for you and start your success story by consulting doctors and psychotherapists of the Artemacur Health Centre. Far away from the daily temptations, the weight loss week with holiday guarantee offers you optimal starting conditions.

Bookable all year round via info@klosterhof.de

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